Breakfast: More than the Most Important Meal of the Day

I love breakfast!  Eggs, bacon, french toast, pancakes – there isn’t a breakfast I have met that I didn’t love.

On the weekends, there is nothing better than trying a new recipe and sitting around the table with family friends.

Unfortunately, I knew this weekend was going to be extremely busy and very exciting.  I had plans to take my cousin prom dress shopping. We wanted to get to the mall bright and early to start our hunt for the perfect dress.  (BTW: we found the absolute most perfect dress for her!) Back to breakfast. I knew we wouldn’t have time for a big breakfast, so I decided to see if there was anything I could make the night before.

After a quick google search, I had found my target  = Cinnamon Buns, but it had to be a recipe that I could make ahead of time and rise in the fridge. I found the most amazing recipe by Baker Bettie. The recipe is so easy and tastes delicious. Thanks Baker Bettie for the recipe, which will now be a staple in my household.  Here’s a link: I made a couple of tiny modifications, including adding a bit more flour and adding a teaspoon of vanilla. I also basted the top of the cinnamon buns with butter before I bake them.

There is something so relaxing about making dough.  Rolling out dough helps get rid of all the week’s stress; it is always a big fight between me and my boys on who gets to knead and roll out the dough. Letting it rise is magical, and the smell from the cinnamon and sugar in this recipe is intoxicating!  All I needed to do was make the cinnamon buns last night, and let it rise for an hour this morning while I was getting ready.  After 30 minutes in the oven, the cinnamon buns were perfectly cooked and ready for the family.

The recipe definitely gave us our sugar kick for a day of shopping.  Be sure to check out the recipe and try it for yourself.

A tip for you: Run out of icing sugar?  After the cinnamon buns went in the oven, I realized that I didn’t have icing sugar for the frosting. I put half a cup of regular white sugar in the blender and turned it on for 10 seconds until the sugar was a fine dust. I added cream cheese and milk and  made perfect icing for the cinnamon buns.

Today was a reminder that breakfast doesn’t have to be difficult.  With a bit of prework, breakfast can be fast and delicious.

One word: heaven!


Thanks for sharing & karing!


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