This Week’s Meal Plan


Like most moms, I am always looking to find ways to save money.  There aren’t a lot of areas that I can cut and control my month expenditures, but the easiest way I find to save is through weekly meal plans.

Weekly meal plans help me find the best deals and avoid eating out.  I have literally been saving tons of money just through a little bit of planning. We used to eat out or get take out twice a week and it was costing a fortune. Now, each week, I review the flyers, use coupons and my rebate apps and we make an adventure out of the planning.  The kids always help me plan out the week’s menu and help prepare each night’s dinner. If they have ownership over the ideas and execution, they won’t be begging you to go out.

I thought I would share this week’s plan with you:

Week 1 - Meal Plan

I’ll be sure to post photos from this week’s adventures in the kitchen.  In the meantime, feel free to share any great recipes, cost saving ideas and great deals with me in the comments section below.

Thanks for sharing!



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